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I have searched all over the world for unique and gorgeous keepsakes to offer to my clients and I am excited to have partnered with an amazing lab on the Amalfi Coast in Italy as well as a local lab here in Ontario. 

Unlike most albums which get placed on a shelf and all you see are the spines of the albums until you pull them down to look through, my handcrafted Italian albums come with free standing boxes that have a transparent cover held in place by magnets so you can have an album with a beautiful cover image on display all the time. Whether you incorporate it into nursery decor, display it on a shelf or picture ledge in your living room, or on top of a piano, they are a stunning keepsake that will last for generations! 

My image boxes are also handcrafted in Italy and hold collections of beautifully matted prints that you can take out and display throughout your home. With a variety of finishing options, you can completely customize your image box to suit your home decor and personal taste, for a keepsake that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. 

Relive the sweet memories of your portrait session with wall art that will bring you and your family joy every day. Build your children's self esteem by decorating your home with portraits of your children and family so they grow up knowing how much they are loved and delighted in. My wall art collections are all archival quality and UV protected to help them stay beautiful and last for many, many years!

Have a Look!

Here's an assortment of the beautiful keepsakes our clients have ordered from us over the years!

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