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We believe there is so much more to having photos taken by a professional photographer than just having an assortment of digital files which can be lost or corrupted, or an link that will one day expire. We know from our own experience that files can start to pile up and despite our best intentions, never get printed.

It is our goal as a full service boutique studio to offer every one of our clients tangible and beautiful keepsakes to share with your children and grandchildren. Whether that means you have one of our handcrafted Italian albums, or locally produced wall art in your home, don't just let your beautiful portraits take up space on a hard drive or disc. Display them where you can delight in them day after day, and smile at the precious memories!

While our focus is providing our clients with heirloom, printed keepsakes from their session, we are here to serve you and we do offer several digital file only packages. 

*We cannot guarantee print outcomes when using third party printers.

Where do we start? 

We begin the process with a consultation either via telephone, video chat, or email. We will discuss your vision for the session, your personal preferences and style, colour palettes, location (if applicable), and if planning a newborn or milestone session we will start to plan some sets and talk about props as well.

A signed portrait agreement and non-refundable 20% deposit are due at the time of booking.


Approximately one week after your portrait session you will receive a proofing gallery of unedited (lightly retouched images) to choose from based on your desired package. If you've chosen a package with keepsakes, we get to pick out images and design your album or wall art! 

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