Welcome to the first of my Spotlight blog posts featuring local businesses! This week I am so excited to be featuring Koosh Bistro.

I visited Koosh Bistro with my baby girl, my sister and a friend for lunch one day after having heard about their amazing Italian cuisine. My first impression was a good one. We were seated right away and made comfortable at a large table by the window with room for my daughter’s car seat. The atmosphere was very peaceful and inviting. Their menu selections provided enough variety without being too overwhelming.

Upon reaDSC_9768ding the menu, I chose the Koosh pasta lunch which included a salad. When the salad was brought out to me, I knew it was going to be good but I was very impressed. The lettuce was crisp and green, the parmesan freshly grated, the chunks of bacon were cooked to perfection, the croutons were very tasty as well and the dressing was better than any Caesar salad dressing I have ever tasted. I thought lunch couldn’t get any better but then my pasta dish was brought out to me. It was such an amazing combination of fettuccini with prosciutto di parma, mushrooms and parmigiano-reggiano in a garlic white wine cream sauce. In short…it was DELICIOUS!


When I asked to speak to the manager, I was surprised to find out that she was none other than our server that day. I asked her if I’d be able to speak to the owner about featuring them in my blog and it turns out she was also the owner! This talented and lovely lady really made our time at Koosh Bistro very enjoyable.

Kim and her husband Koosh own the bistro which they opened here in Hamilton in 2009. I loved hearing their story, how Koosh Bistro came to be, and what inspires them.

Koosh has over 29 years experience in the food industry from restaurants and hotels to banquet halls and even private catering. Koosh himself created all of the recipes for their menu items and said that his background in science greatly helps since it’s all chemistry. His passion and love for what he does certainly helps as well.

When asked what he and Kim love most about having their own restaurant, he beamed and said it’s like his baby and he enjoys everything from watching guests take their first bite and the look in their eyes as they enjoy the fine cuisine.

Their commitment to quality, freshness and authenticity is very apparent down to every last detail. Koosh told me that everything is made from scratch. The pasta that is served at lunch time is made in house from scratch and fresh just for lunchtime. The pasta served at dinner is made just before dinner time so that it’s the freshest it can possibly be. Even the lady finger cookies in their tiramisu are handmade from scratch at the Bistro! They butcher and age their own meats, Koosh hand selects all the produce that they serve making sure to only get the best he can find.

They are proud supporters of other local businesses who they rely on for craft beer, produce, cheese, and wines to name a few. Whatever they can’t get locally whether because it is unavailable or not up to their high standards they buy directly from the finest suppliers in Italy.

Last but not least is their concern for the environment and they certainly go above and beyond to compost and recycle 98% of their waste! This is amazing and far more than the average restaurant manages to do.

One challenge that they faced was finding good employees but they are proud to have a great team in place that has been with them for many years. Their employees are treated like family and take great care to uphold the high standards that Koosh and Kim have for Koosh Bistro.

They take no shortcuts and the result is a very high end and authentic experience that is very memorable. I can’t recommend them enough so the next time you are thinking of going out for a lunch or dinner, have a private event you want to host at a restaurant, or you need to find a caterer, look no further than Koosh Bistro for their amazing quality, scrumptious cuisine, and outstanding customer service!