Anyone parent who has ever heard the phrase, “Sleeping like a baby” might be left feeling like something is just not quite…right. Why? Because they have a baby that wakes up constantly, fusses, doesn’t settle easily, makes all sorts of grunting noises in their sleep, or any number of other normal things. Wait! What? Did I say normal? YES, I most certainly did. This phrase is actually quite misleading. Baby sleep patterns are irregular and sporadic, sensitive to changes in environment, and easily affected by their own growth and physical changes.

Speaking of sleeping…I had the pleasure of meeting with Katie and Andrew this past week to do a newborn session of their sweet baby boy. This little guy was only 3.5 days old at our session and, I believe, captured the spirit of the phrase, ‘sleeping like a baby.’

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P.S. Baby Centre has a fun and informative quiz to help you understand your baby’s sleep habits. Try it out here: