Last week I wrote a post about the importance of backing up your photos. This week I’ll write about how to do this and that brings us to the two methods of storing photos. In this post I want to touch on backing up photos and having them printed. There is so much that can be said about this and loads of details that I could go into but since I’m just touching on these, this is really just a starting point.

Photo backup

When it comes to backing up photos, try to have everything backed up at least twice. A good system might be to have everything backed up onto an external hard drive as well as some cloud storage. If you only choose one or the other, you risk the hard drive being corrupted or damaged and if you only have cloud storage, you risk not being able to access your images if there is ever a loss of connection or a server issue. Backup everything at least twice to save a lot of potential frustration and heartache down the road. There are so many options out there; it really comes down to budget and size. If you are storing huge raw files, you’ll need more storage space than if you are only storing jpegs or documents.renzopress

Photographic Prints

Printing your photos is a beautiful and nostalgic way to preserve your memories. I still love turning the pages in my mom’s photo albums from the early years of my parents’ marriage and when my sisters and I were young. I like putting photos into albums, I enjoy scrapbooking…really I just love seeing photos in front of me, beautifully printed. Staring at a photo on a computer screen just doesn’t even come close, as nice as it may be.

If your only option for printing photos is going to a Kodak picture kiosk and printing some photos that way, even that is still better than not having any prints at all. Getting photos printed at a high quality print lab and having enlargements made to frame and hang beautifully in your home is a great investment and a classic way to display your best images and surround yourself with lovely memories every day. Wall art, an arrangement of images in a variety of sizes, grouped together is a tasteful and chic way to showcase the important moments and people in your life.

A classic flush mount album is another amazing way to tell a story with your photos. Whether you want such an album to chronicle your wedding day and tell your love story, or to preserve the memories of your baby’s early days, all the tiny details of their perfect fingers and toes and their peaceful newborn sleepy faces, or to simply look back at people and moments that are significant to you and beautiful threads in the tapestry of your life, a classic and elegant album is a stunning way to preserve and present your memories.

Because I believe so strongly in the importance of having photos printed, I offer generous and competitive print packages. Gorgeous, flush mount albums are included in all of my wedding packages. If you are interested in having an album made, please contact me for pricing and information as it varies greatly based on how many pages, finishings, size, etc.

The important thing is to make sure that don’t wait to backup or print your photos until it’s too late or you’re scrambling to try and recover lost data. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!