Hi everyone!

We have good reason to celebrate! These amazing parents just welcomed another bundle of joy and he is sweet!
I had the honour of photographing Tereza during her pregnancy near my home studio in Burlington and she was radiant! It’s no surprise though for when I asked her what she enjoyed during her pregnancy, she said, “I loved staying active for the majority of my pregnancy.

Up until recently I was doing Zumba every week and going for daily evening walks.” Staying active during pregnancy when you’re able to is such a good thing and I could see the effect that it had on Tereza and her family.

David agrees she’s simply beautiful too!

Speaking of this dad, Tereza shared something sweet with me. “Towards the end of my pregnancy,” she shared, “David has been waking up with Micah early every morning so that I can sleep in and have some alone time before I start my day.” How thoughtful is that?

As you can see from these portraits below, Tereza was truly a naturally beautiful pregnant mama and I loved being able to spend time with this awesome family. Seeing just how much they all love each other was such a joy! Congratulations, David and Tereza (and Micah) on the birth of another healthy, adorable baby boy!