Maternity FAQ

Pregnancy is a very exciting time in an expectant mother’s life, especially once morning sickness wears off and you’re feeling better! Having maternity photos taken is a great way to feel beautiful inside and out and have some fun while awaiting your baby’s arrival.

Session fees for maternity and gender reveal sessions are $100. Prints and products are purchased separately.

Will we find out our gender prior to the gender reveal photos or will we ourselves be surprised at the reveal?
Whatever you prefer! Some people prefer to come to the session already knowing the gender and having planned the reveal so they can get pictures to surprise friends and family and others prefer not knowing until the reveal. In the latter option, your doctor or midwife would get the gender results which they can either tell me directly with your permission or send along to me in a sealed envelope that you give me. If you choose to be surprised yourself, we can discuss your preferences at a consultation. Do you want something fun and messy or something more traditional (like a box with coloured balloons, etc).

When should maternity photos be done?
The best time is between 32 and 36 weeks when you have an almost full term bump but still have energy to spare and are feeling well.

What is your style for maternity photos?
There are two options for this. The first choice is to do your maternity session at a location of your choice and have them be more carefully composed, posed shots with some more candid ones taken as well.

The second option is for me to ‘shadow’ you for an hour or two, whether at home or running errands, etc and to get more candid, photo journalistic images. Whether it’s a silhouette of the expectant mother tying her toddler’s shoes or making dinner, folding laundry, reading a book, or so forth these every day simple moments can be beautifully captured to create lovely memories of this time in your life.

We can discuss which option you prefer upon booking.