Okay, I may have been listening to a lot of Adele recently…I blame my in-laws! They gave me one of her albums on vinyl and I love how it sounds on my husband’s record player! 

800px-Dundurn_Castle_in_the_SummerIn all seriousness though, I AM saying hello from the other side. In just over a week, my family and I are having a portrait session of our own at Dundurn Castle by a local photographer and I’m having a new appreciation for how clients feel when they are preparing for their sessions. 

I love helping people plan their sessions, going over locations, choosing their wardrobe and so forth but doing it for myself is STRESSFUL! Suddenly it feels like I have nothing to wear (despite the fact that I have a closet overflowing with clothing). I had to overcome the urge to paint my main floor walls white so that any colours and any background will look great on the walls. Let me tell you, it’s a little bit daunting! 

This has all been a real eye opener though as it really helps me to connect with my clients and empathize with the concerns they often have. For me, some of my concerns are whether my children will behave for the session, look at the camera, cooperate long enough, etc. Of course I’m also worried that I’m not particularly photogenic, and I still have some areas I’m self conscious about after having had two children. Am I nervous? Absolutely! Am I excited? To the moon and back! As nervous as I may be, I am very grateful to be able to have these images of my family and I together.

Really, this brings to mind a very important point that I’m taking away from this experience which is that it is SO worth the investment to hire a professional photographer who assists you from start to finish. Showing up for a session with someone you’ve never met before and getting a disc with images just doesn’t compare to the experience of creating artwork with a professional photographer.  

When you hire me, you don’t just pay me to show up and take your pictures. When you hire me, you are commissioning me to create artwork for you and that involves so much more from the initial design consultation to the delivery of your finished products. 

The design consultation is crucial and one that gets overlooked too often. Together we look at wardrobe options to make sure that outfits compliment one another. We also walk through your home together to decide where you want to hang your custom artwork. I take pictures of the walls making note of the size, colour, and the decor so that we can completely customize your session. 

Having a picture of your wall allows me to input that picture into my software and actually see your portraits on your own wall in various sizes and configurations so you don’t have to guess which size would work best or which images look best on which walls, etc. You have the peace of mind in seeing ahead of time and having confidence in your choices. 

Making note of the colour of your walls and the style of your home decor allows us to keep that in mind when creating your portraits so that your finished artwork compliments your home and your style really comes through. 

_DSC0098I can hardly wait for our session and am SO looking forward to creating memories with my husband and my two beautiful daughter’s. Seeing these memories on display in our home and knowing that we will be able to pass on these portraits to our children and their children, and that they will last is just priceless.

Looking to create memories and custom artwork of your own? Contact me to set up a no obligation consultation!