Birth FAQ

Childbirth is one of the most vulnerable and life changing experiences in a woman’s life and for any loved ones by her side during this time. It’s almost assumed that people hire photographers to document their important moments and events and yet childbirth is not one of the typical events people think to hire a professional photographer for. It is understandable since, for most people, childbirth is a very personal and private experience. Regardless, birth photography can provide you with very special memories of this life changing, life transforming transition!

Birth session fees start at $1200. Prints and products are purchased separately.

I will literally be on call 24/7 beginning at 38 weeks and checking in with you starting at 37 weeks. I will have babysitters and family members on call on my end to look after my own children. I will be sure to get as much rest as possible and be in optimal health so that I can be at my best when photographing this amazing time in your life.

I do offer savings for those who also wish to have maternity and newborn photos done as well.

Some questions you may have regarding birth photography are answered below.

What are the benefits of hiring a birth photographer?
Hiring a professional photographer to be present during your labour and delivery has a number of wonderful benefits. Childbirth is something that most women fear or are anxious about; they feel weak, exposed, vulnerable. Birth photography, however, captures the raw beauty and strength of mothers as they bring their precious babies into this world. It helps mothers to be able to look back on what at the time was a very painful and sometimes scary experience and be able to reflect on the photos and what she accomplished. It gives mothers a chance to look back and see things they may not have noticed, such as a tender touch from a loved one, tears in a new father’s eyes, their child’s first breath. It can be very therapeutic, healing, and empowering for new moms and a source of consolation during those first few weeks and sleepless nights.

What is your style for birth photography? What should we expect?
My style for birth photography is to document your labour and delivery through a series of candid shots, some in colour and some in black and white, and as much as possible to stay in the background so that I’m not in your way, the way of those assisting you, and so that you can focus on what you need to do. Whether you are a first time mom or have children already, are younger or older, giving birth at home or in a hospital or by Cesarean, you are a mother and your birth is beautiful and deserves to be portrayed as such.

What if I’m self-conscious? Do I need to dress a certain way?
Depending on your comfort level, I can capture as much or as little as you would like. We can discuss your comfort level and preferences when we meet in person for a consultation and to discuss your birth plans.

When should I call you?
If you think you are really in labour, please call me (after calling your doctor or midwife) to let me know. Once it has been confirmed by your doctor or midwife that you are in active labour (generally 4cm dilated or more), update me and I will come to you immediately.

Are birth photographers permitted to photograph hospital births?
Yes! Please discuss your birth photography with your doctor or midwife ahead of time so that they are prepared for me to be there during your labour and can let you know about any policies regarding the photography of live births and non-emergency Cesarean sections.

What if I need to have an emergency Cesarean?
In the case of emergency Cesareans, my recommendation is that I accompany you into the operating room to document your child’s arrival and first moments. Ultimately this is up to the anesthesiologist and the obstetrician but you (if you are able) and your significant other are the best ones to speak up for what you want. Most of the time a photographer is allowed in whether for some or all of the Cesarean and the post op