I went to sleep on Sunday, January 29th, 2017 expecting to wake up in the morning and surprise my sweet Lucy with birthday pancakes and our kitchen decked out in her Finding Dory birthday decorations.

Before turning in for the night, I double checked that something else was ready to go: my camera bag packed with my best low light gear and another bag with snacks, water, and a bottle of Ensure. These were the bags I’d need to bring with me when I got ‘the call’.

The call I was waiting for was the call that my birth session client was in labour. For two weeks, every time the phone rang my adrenaline kicked in, my heart started beating faster and I wondered if it was time!

In the wee hours of the morning on my own daughter’s 3rd birthday, At 2:39 a.m. I received a call from a very calm sounding dad that they were leaving shortly to go to the hospital. I kicked into high hear right away! It was GO TIME!

Within minutes I was dressed, ready, had everything I needed and a taxi on the way. At 3:13 am I arrived at the Oakville hospital, just moments after my clients!

This mom was super mom throughout the whole process! She remained focussed and cool as a cucumber. Her husband was so inspiring too as as he coached her breathing, stroked her hair, and encouraged her every step of the way. Within an hour and a half of arriving at the hospital their sweet baby girl was born healthy and well! She was welcomed with great joy!

At the same time, I was teary eyed behind my lens reminiscing about the fact that exactly 3 years ago to the day, I myself gave birth to a sweet baby girl. I stayed for several hours to capture this sweet girl’s first measurements, nursing, and bonding with her parents before heading home. I made it home in time for my husband to leave for work and with enough time to still surprise Lucy with birthday pancakes and a special hug…remembering our own beginning three fleeting years ago.

Never take these memories and these moments for granted! Contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation to have your memories made into something beautiful for you to cherish and pass on to your own children. It’s something they (and you!) will treasure forever!