It has been quite some time since my last blog post but there has been a lot of growth and behind the scenes work going on and I wanted to share some of that with you and all of my readers.

While there is a lot to share and many things I am excited about, I do not want to overload everyone all at once so I will limit myself to one bit of news/one announcement per blog post!

I want to take this opportunity to share with you the launch of our new membership program! This is something we’ve been mulling over for a long time now as we have had some families return to us for various sessions throughout the year. We love seeing repeat clients and this membership program will allow us to develop a relationship with the families and children as they return to us throughout the year.

The other thing that led to us creating this program is something that has come up in our conversations with other clients and friends. The recurring themes that come up are growth and change. Many families, especially those with young children or those with older children who will soon be leaving home, are going through times of growth and change.

In the case of a family with young children, we keep hearing from people who love our work and our albums that they would love to invest in a family session but since they know they want more children, they feel like they should hold off so that the next baby isn’t missing in the album.

We also hear from people who would love to book a newborn session but would also like to have a gender reveal or pregnancy announcement session, or do something special for mother’s day but they can’t afford the cost of so many separate sessions and albums, etc.

We also hear from those with older children who will soon be off to college or university, and they would love to capture some memories of their family as it is right now, while they’re all still together and everyone is living at home.

These are all such great seasons of life and wherever you’re at there are so many moments and and memories to cherish and celebrate!

Our hope is that this program is a way for families to have professional photos taken throughout the year of moments that matter to them, and by coming to the same photographer for these sessions, there is consistency in the style of images. This is particularly helpful for clients who print their images and hang them on the wall as having one photographer will help the portraits to complement one another. It is something that clients who order albums through us also appreciate because they can have albums that are similar in tone and style so they become a set that gets added to over the years.

This membership program includes:

  • Four [4] portrait sessions of your choice over the course of the year (does not apply to newborn sessions, whether in studio or lifestyle, or fresh 48 sessions)
  • Ten [10] digital images of your choice after each session
  • One [1] 12” x 12” custom, handcrafted Italian album with all 40 of your chosen images from throughout the year

Along the way there will also be exclusive keepsake items that can be added on after any of the sessions. Newborn sessions and first year milestone sessions can also be booked at member-only pricing.

We are really excited to be launching this new program so please contact us for more information! If you’re interested in joining our membership program, we have early bird pricing available for families who sign up before December 31st, 2018!

Thanks for reading!