Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the session take?

Session lengths vary depending on the session type and how many people are being photographed. Newborn sessions generally run a little longer to allow for the feeding and settling that newborns generally require to be comfortable. They may also be longer or shorter depending on whether there will be siblings having their photos taken with the baby as well.

Family, maternity, and other portrait sessions are generally up to one hour in length.

How should we dress for the session? 

It is certainly important for you to be comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. I can make recommendations to assist you in this and wardrobe consultations are complimentary. I also have a Pinterest board with palettes and sample clothing selections for inspiration. Visit for ideas.

When and where do we get to view and select our images?

Within two weeks of the session we will get together again so you can have some light refreshments and enjoy a slideshow of approximately 20-30 images set to music. Once this is finished, we will sit down and look through the images one by one and you can decide which type of collection and which size will best suit your lifestyle and needs.  All decision makers must be present at this appointment since this is when you place your order for your signature heirloom quality prints and products and payment must be made in full. If both decision makers cannot be present or a decision is not reached, there is a $50 charge to cover the time needed for a second ordering appointment.

What should be done to prepare for ordering? 

It helps the ordering session greatly if you take the time before the ordering appointment (even before your session is an option) to walk through your home and make a note of the walls where you would like to display your images if you are wanting to showcase your story with wall art. Taking a picture of any walls that you may like to hang your custom artwork on is also a great idea. You can send me these pictures ahead of time so we can actually view your images in various sizes and layouts on your wall using my wall design software. This really helps to have a sense of which sizes will work best in your own home and with your own decor and furnishings. I can also come to your home and walk through it with you so we can take pictures of the spaces, and make notes about colour and decor together. At our pre-session consultation you’ll have the opportunity to see samples of the various collections I offer so you can already have an idea in your mind of which collection you are most drawn to which will also give us something to focus on during the ordering appointment.