This Is Us

The Storyteller

My role in our company is to meet with you, plan the details of your session from wardrobe to location, to capture beautiful memories during your session time, and then to perfect those images, crafting them into stunning portraits.

Then, once your photos are ready, my role is to help you sort through them and decide how you want to display them, and how you want to share your story.

I have state of the art software to help you envision your portraits in their finished form whether that be seeing them all laid out in an album, or seeing them displayed in various sizes and configurations on an image of your own wall so you can be sure you’re choosing the right size and configuration for your space.

I have always been artistic and I love that I get to put that to use helping you create beautiful art for your home and heirlooms your family will be able to enjoy now and share with future generations later.

It’s pretty special being able to turn an intangible digital image into something real and physical and just think…in a hundred years, the photos I capture for you will be a piece of family history!

A final note, I have a diploma in professional photography, and invest yearly into professional development and continuing education to continue growing my skills so that I can always provide my clients with the best! I am also fully licensed and insured, so you know your precious babies are in safe and capable hands. I am also a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers and the Canadian Birth Photographers Association.

The Tech Expert

My husband Mike has a background in tech and the IT industry which makes him a huge asset to our business.

He manages the website, graphic design including logo and helps with branding.

Because his work background is building industrial and rugged computers, applications, and processors, he also builds many of the things that I need (including some of my auxiliary lighting, processors, etc).

Being a very organized person, he oversees the archiving and managing of photo storage, data backup, along with finding and implementing software solutions, and he helps in the culling and selection of images to make sure you get nothing but the best portraits!

We are a great team in life, marriage, parenting, and here too in our business and without him, there would be no Elana Bebjak Photography so he’s pretty much amazing!

We are a registered and insured business in Ontario, Canada, and our studio is located in Flamborough, Ontario. We offer both studio and on-location portrait sessions. We serve Flamborough, Ancaster, Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Cambridge and surrounding areas.